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1. Introduction

These guidelines are for the use of candidates who wish to take the Linguaskill test with remote proctoring. Remote proctoring replaces the role of an on-site invigilator and uses video/image data, audio and event logs to monitor you as you take the test.

All Linguaskill tests are monitored for potential malpractice. Malpractice constitutes any attempt to breach test security and obtain a fraudulent result that is not a true reflection of your level of English. Linguaskill tests will be reviewed after the test event and if you are seen to have engaged in fraudulent activity, you will receive a score of zero for your test and you will not be able to access your results. Note that all videos of proctoring sessions will be deleted after a period of 6 months.

These instructions provide step-by-step guidance on setting up, taking and ending the Linguaskill test.

2. Setting up the test

Test Environment

Please ensure that you are well-prepared for the test by following these instructions:

  1. Ensure you have a computer system (laptop or desktop) with working webcam and external microphone/headphones, along with stable internet connection to take this test. The minimum bandwidth requirements are for each computer running the test, referring to local network speeds.  When running multiple tests concurrently on the same internet connection you should ensure this bandwidth is available to each computer.  If less than 2 Mbps is available for each candidate, the test may take longer to run.
  2. Consider your test location the same as an on-site examination and maintain the standards of an exam throughout the duration of the test.
    You must adhere to the following requirements:

    • There should be no one else in the test room with you.
    • It must be a private location where you will be free from disruption.
    • The room should be well-lit and have walls and a closed door.
    • You must not interact with anyone else during the test.
    • You will not be able to access any personal items during the test, including watches, electronic devices, dictionaries, food, hats, handbags, purses or wallets. Your location and deskspace must be clear of any of these items. On your desk, you may only have blank paper and pencil, and water in a clear plastic bottle with the label removed.
    • You are not permitted to use a second monitor or have a second monitor anywhere in the test room.
    • You must take a valid ID to the test as you will need to submit a live image of your ID before you start the test. Valid forms of ID include your passport, identity card and biometric residence permit (if a photo is included). The ID must contain your full name in latin characters and a photo of yourself on the same side.
    • Face coverings, including face masks, must be removed for the initial photo and the duration of the test. The AI will not function properly if your eyes and mouth are covered.

3. Pre-flight checks

Before you start your test, you must carry out a series of checks. Please read the following instructions carefully and ensure you complete each step.

  1. Register on the Swiss Exams Skills portal and purchase the desired Linguaskill test.
  2. After you have completed the order, you will receive an email with further instructions to the email address with which you registered on the Swiss Exams Skills portal.
  3. Log in to the Swiss Exams – Candidate Access using the link given to you in the email.
  4. Once you have read and accepted the Check-in information on your Swiss Exams – Candidate Access account, you will receive the Test Entry Information and Test Entry Code.
  5. Enter the Test Environment using the Verification Code.
  6. Read the instructions on the welcome screen carefully, then click “Next”. Note that the terms and conditions box is ticked as default.
  7. Allow access to your webcam
  8. You will then be informed that Talview will take a picture of you to authenticate your identity. Click “Next”.
  9. Read the information on the Face Capture instructions screen. Select the correct camera from the drop-down menu. The room should be well lit, and your face should be close to the camera so that you can be easily identified, as shown in the image below. If you cannot be identified, this may be considered malpractice. Click “Next”.
  10. Take a picture of your face. Make sure you are looking towards the camera and any face coverings are removed.
  11. On the audio test screen, make sure you select the correct microphone from the drop-down (circled in red). You should use an external microphone to ensure the sound is of suitable quality. Do not change the position of the microphone during the test.
  12. Say the line of text in the instructions out If the sound test fails, try saying the line louder and/or moving the microphone closer to your mouth.
  13. You must then take a photo of your ID. Please make sure there is enough light and your ID is held close to the camera so that the ID card is captured clearly. Ensure your fingers are not covering any of the information on the ID. All details must be clearly visible. Attempts to hide or cover information will be considered malpractice. Alternatively, you may upload a copy of your ID.
  14. You will then be asked to do a compulsory 360-degree environment check so that the invigilator can check your test location. It is important that you watch the demo video first. You must rotate your webcam (or laptop if you have an integrated webcam) to show your worktable, floor and Rotate your camera 360 degrees to show your entire workspace. Any attempt to hide parts of your workspace may be considered malpractice.
  15. Please ignore the message that says: “Do not use any earphone accessories”. For the Linguaskill test, you are required to wear an external headphone and microphone headset to ensure good sound quality.
  16. Click “Start test” and then “start recording” to record your environment check.
  17. When you have finished click “stop recording”. You can re-take the recording if necessary.
  18. When you see the message saying recording complete, click “Submit”.
  19. The next instruction will ask you to share your screen during the Click “proceed to exam”.
  20. Select the image of your entire screen and click “share”. Note that it is mandatory to share your entire If you do not allow this function, you will not be able to proceed to the test.
    You must not click “stop sharing” until the end of the test. If you stop sharing your screen at any time during the test, this will be considered malpractice.
  21. On the next screen, you will be asked to enter your first name, last name and phone number. Enter you details and click “submit”
  22. Check you understand the guidelines and click “Next” then “Start session”
  23. You will then be taken to the test platform where you will log in using the Test Entry Code from your Swiss Exams – Candidate Access
  24. Next you will be required to register and accept the Terms and Conditions of the test platform.
  25. You are now all set to begin your Linguaskill Test.

4. Behaviour during the test

You must follow the instructions stated below while you take your Linguaskill test. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in your scores being marked as zero.

  1. The test is to be taken as seriously as any on-site test. You must behave as you would in any other official setting such as an exam room. Your actions will be recorded. Suspicious activity will be flagged by the system and may result in the zeroing of your test
  2. Actions or behaviours not permitted during your test include but are not limited to:
    • cheating of any kind
    • answering or checking your phone or other electronic device during the test
    • allowing another person to enter your test space
    • allowing another person to take the test for you
    • looking away from your computer screen for an extended period
    • recording and taking screenshots of the test questions
    • copying and pasting text or images
    • visiting another website during the test
    • having food or drinks
    • accessing personal items such as wallets, sunglasses and other items not necessary for the
  1. You may use loose blank or lined paper sheets to take notes during the test.
  2. You are expected to finish each module of the exam in one go and not leave your seat. You are not allowed to leave the room or take breaks, including toilet breaks, during an individual module. If you are taking a multi-module test, i.e. Speaking, Writing and Reading/Listening, you may only take a break and leave the room between modules.
  3. Sit directly in front of your computer screen and ensure you are always clearly visible. You must always face the camera and stay seated. Looking away from the screen or standing up will be flagged to the proctor and recorded as an attempt to cheat.
  4. Attempts to use additional windows and software/programs, leave your workstation or interact with other people during your test will be recorded as malpractice. The remote proctor will be alerted if you carry out any of these actions. You will also be alerted by the following warning messages:
    Moving out of the camera:
    Navigating away from the test window:
    Presence of other people in the test room:

5. Procedure after the test

When the Linguaskill test is complete, you will be greeted with the following message:

Even though the window asks you to close your browser, please only close the browser window with the test, not the Talview recording service. Closing your browser completely at this point of the test would cause the data to be corrupted and your test results would not be released. After the upload is finished, please leave the tab open for 5 extra minutes to make sure everything is uploaded correctly. Please note that you are not permitted to go for toilet breaks during individual modules.

After you finish the test, please click the “Finish/Beenden” button on the right-hand side of the screen to close Talview.

If you run out of time during the test, Talview will close the session automatically after letting you finish the last question you have started. If this happens, please allow Talview to upload all the necessary data. If the data is not uploaded, your test results might not be possible to review.

If you have purchased multiple modules, please go back to your Swiss Exam Access account and start the next module from there.

You may give a satisfaction rating if you wish. Click “skip” if you do not want to do this.

Finally, you will be greeted with an “Assessment Complete” message.

6. Summary

It is important that you follow these guidelines closely and comply with the rules of Linguaskill remote proctored tests. Please ensure that you understand the instructions outlined in this document before you start. Any candidates identified as committing malpractice will receive scores of zero for the tests in question. There is no appeals process and tests that have had their scores zeroed will not receive a refund. Finally, we hope that you have a positive and successful testing experience with us.