Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone take these online exams or are they available to students from schools/organisations only?2021-03-10T10:25:28+00:00

The test is available to everyone, not only to students from an organisation/school. You can buy and schedule your exams with remote proctoring at your convenience through our website. We’ll take care of it from there!

How long does it take to schedule a test?2021-03-10T10:26:20+00:00

We know that you’ll be excited to take your online exam as soon as possible. Getting started with Swiss Exams Skills is easy. All you need to do is choose a skill and we’ll guide you through your assessment/course. After your purchase it will only take seconds until you can schedule your exam and then it’s up to you! You choose when and where you will take it.

I received a voucher code from my school/organisation. How can I use it?2021-07-15T08:52:32+00:00

Please follow the instructions you will receive by email.

Are there separate English and Business English options?2021-03-10T10:28:43+00:00

You can choose between Business English or General English for your test. Familiarize yourself with the format here.

How does the Linguaskill test compare to the Cambridge English exams?2021-12-21T09:51:55+00:00

Compared to other language assessment tests, the Linguaskill from Cambridge test allows you to take it completely online and receive results within only 2 working days. You also have more control over what skills to test so you can personalize your test if you’d like to.

Do you have practice material for my exam preparation?2021-12-21T09:54:53+00:00

Yes we do. We have Linguaskill sample tests and practice tests for you. Visit this website and scroll down to “Linguaskill for test takers” and click on “Exam Preparation” to get started.

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How do I prepare for the test?2021-12-21T09:55:46+00:00

We collected a number of resources for you to practice for your Linguaskill test. Visit this website and scroll down to “Linguaskill for test takers” and click on “Exam Preparation” to get started.

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How do the results look like?2021-12-21T09:58:42+00:00

Here is a Test Report Sample for you to download. Find out more about Linguaskill Results the link below. Scroll down to “Linguaskill for test takers” and click on “Results”.

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Click here

Can I share my test report form with my employee/school?2021-05-20T07:36:02+00:00

If you have received a voucher from a school or organisation, your results will automatically be shared with them.

Why should I take the Linguaskill test with remote proctoring?2021-03-10T10:35:42+00:00

By taking the Linguaskill test with remote proctoring with Swiss Exams Skills, you can assess your level of English anywhere and anytime.

How long are the tests valid?2021-03-10T10:36:19+00:00

The Linguaskill test from Cambridge is valid for two years from the date of issuance of the results.

How do you guarantee the security of the test if there is no supervision during the Linguaskill test?2021-12-21T10:00:54+00:00

The Linguaskill test purchased on Swiss Exams Skills is carried out in a remote proctoring environment, which involves state-of-the-art technology to secure and ensure test integrity. There are a couple of requirements you need to comply with. Go through the requirements before you take your test.

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Where can I find my Linguaskill result?2021-05-20T13:02:33+00:00

Your Linguaskill Test Report Form will be displayed on Swiss Exams Access. Log into your Swiss Exams Access Account here using your email address.

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