Linguaskill Business – Speaking, Writing modules

CHF 190

Speaking and Writing with remote proctoring
Speaking time: 15 minutes
Writing time: 45 minutes


Product Description

Take your Linguaskill Speaking module and Writing module conveniently from home and when it suits you best. This product contains just the Speaking Module and the Writing Module and not the full Linguaskill exam.

Linguaskill is a flexible and multi-level adaptive online test created to assess the level of English for individuals or groups. Linguaskill with online proctoring provides a secure and on demand Cambridge English Exam with fast and accurate results in 2 working days, CEFR aligned and guaranteed by Cambridge Assessment English.

– On demand exam – take the exam in the place and at a time that suits you best
– Results in 2 working days (all skills)
– 100% online
– All levels up to C1 or higher
– Quick and secure
– Easy to administer
– Results aligned to CEFR
– Voucher validity = 6 months after purchase

The Speaking test takes 15 minutes and includes the following parts:

Speaking tasks

Part 1 (interview)
The candidate answers eight questions about himself.

Part 2 (reading aloud)
The candidate reads eight sentences aloud.

Part 3 (long turn 1)
The candidate talks about a topic for one minute.

Part 4 (long turn 2)
The candidate is given one or more graphics (diagram or information sheet) to talk about for one minute.

Part 5 (communication activity)
The candidate gives his opinion in the form of short responses to five questions related to one topic.

The Linguaskill Writing Module takes 45 minutes and contains the following two parts:

Writing tasks

Part 1
Candidates read a short prompt, usually an email. They use the information in the prompt and the three bullet points to write an email of at least 50 words to a private audience.

Part 2
Candidates read a short text outlining a scenario and respond using the information in the scenario and the three bullet points. Candidates will write at least 180 words to a wider audience and may be asked to produce a variety of text types (e.g. review, article, web post).

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