The Writing module asks candidates to input answers using a computer keyboard. Answers are marked automatically by the computer. Results will be available within 12 hours.

Writing module, 45 minutes (2 parts)

Part 1

  • Candidates read a short prompt, usually an email. They use the information in the prompt and the three bullet points to write an email of at least 50 words to a private audience.
  • Marks: one half of the final Writing result.

Part 2

  • Candidates read a short text outlining a scenario and respond using the information in the scenario and the three bullet points. Candidates will write at least 180 words to a wider audience and may be asked to produce a variety of text types (e.g. review, article, web post).
  • Marks: one half of the final Writing result

Example topics:

future plans, free time and hobbies, using and learning English, family and friends, travel and holidays, places and sights, studying and working, shopping, sport, music, home life, technology


Linguaskill General Writing sample test
Linguaskill Business Writing sample test